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About Us


Having both grown up in the community, Hussain Harun and Shannon Longworth are passionate about expanding post-secondary opportunities for young people in Madison. 


Hussain is eager to see more young people explore career options outside of the traditional college pathway. As someone who is drawn to hands-on learning, Hussain recognizes the value of building a skillset that can transfer to career opportunities in the trades. He is also an entrepreneur who uses his creativity to build businesses, and he shares his knowledge and experience with those working towards financial independence and entrepreneurship. 


Shannon has been an English as a Second Language (ESL) and Bilingual teacher for 16 years in the Madison community, and has a passion for working with and learning alongside multilingual students. Shannon believes multilingual learners deserve rich educational opportunities that celebrate and cultivate their linguistic and academic brilliance. Graduation is her favorite time of the year, as she has the privilege of celebrating with families as their students transition from high school to their post-secondary goals. 

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